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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Supporting mobile cultures

Tending to mobile societies: a petrol station study

Tending to mobile societies: a petrol station study Paper presented at the Alternative Mobility Futures Conference Session: Dwelling in Mobility 9-11th January 2004, Lancaster University, Department of Sociology

Daniel Normark Vesterlind
[Full text pdf]

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Effects of Interface Design on Mobile, Group Behaviour

I just gave a talk on the topic of how interface design affects the behaviour of groups who use it.

"Groups are increasingly using mobile devices to coordinate larger group activities. These groups are often mobile and the devices they use enable new patterns of movement and cooperative action.

The structure of these groups can be ad-hoc and heterarchical presenting new possibilities for rapid, democratic interaction. The interface of these technologies greatly impacts what types of communications are possible and has the potential to encourage certain types of behaviour.

Several case studies showing interfaces affecting behaviour are introduced and ethical considerations are brought up for discussion."

I really don't like posting slides which are basically de-contextualized scaffolding for a talk and don't convey the intended argument to an audience well. Consequently I'm also posting mp3 recordings of the talk and the following discussion period. Used in combination, they should provide a better account of the talk.

A few notes on the materials: The slides are exported to pdf format for easy viewing. The audio isn't professional but is audible if you turn up the volume a little. It was recorded using an option to remove silent periods, so the speech sounds a little hurried and clipped, but it reduces the time you need to spend listening.

Presentation slides [pdf] 315k
Audio of the talk [mp3] 47 min, 8 megs
Audio of the following discussion period [mp3] 18 min, 3 megs