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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Pedestrian navigation assistance

A pedestrian navigation system, mostly functional, is presented. The advocate use of gestures to infer various objects and questions. Synthesized speech is used as an output modality. They are primarily concerned with implementation methods and technology used.

M3I in a Pedestrian Navigation & Exploration System, 2003
Rainer Wasinger, Christoph Stahl, Antonio Kr├╝ger

[Full-text pdf]

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Persuading users not to free-ride

The argument is presented that the problem of free-riding on p2p nets is a social problem related to users' lack of understanding of the infrastructure. Modeling of social relationships and cooperation levels is put forward as a solution. They have identified socially undesirable behaviors.

They use 4 strategies to promote community:
1) encouraging altruism
2) reward with visibility/reputation
3) allow relationship development between users
4) tangible reward such as better download rates.

Equations have been created to specify the social variables such as altruism or reciprocity which they want the system to track and reward.

[Full-text | pdf]

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Small Screens Big Lessons

Paul D. Hibbitts has put together a seminar and some design resources on interfaces for small screens.

"Small screen devices, with their constrained design environment and demanding target market, compel designers to strive for highly concise, effective user interfaces."

[Presentation slides | pdf]

AirG Mobile Gaming

A Canadian company Air Games is doing some interesting things with mobile gaming communities. They're using a combination of SMS, WAP and Java and have a number of multiplayer games - and 4 million people a month choose to play.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Research Study a Success

Well, unfortunately I'm back in freezing cold Brisbane after a nice week in warm, sunny Darwin. The research study was a fun experience. I think it was a "first of it's kind" and there's some great group interaction data, comments on the usability of mobile communication devices for groups, observations about the effects of context on usage and some other cool stuff we're still teasing out.

Many thanks to the wi-fi gurus at Darwin Wireless for participating and putting up with our disorganization a few times. It's great to see mobile device enthusiasts contributing to improving future technologies.